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DOJ Form 100A Request for Reasonable Accommodation To be maintained separate and apart from personnel files and for the duration of the individual s employment. Public Law 93-597. Authority for requesting the personal data and the use thereof are given below. FORM NUMBER/TITLE/DATE DOJ Form 100A /Request for Reasonable Accommodation/ October 17 2002 DOJ Form 100B/Reasonable Accommodation Information Reporting Form/ AUTHORITY The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended 29 U.S.C. Employee s Name...
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Our law and justice segment tonightattorney general Loretta Lynch announcedon Friday that the Justice Departmenthas reasonable cause to believe theChicago Police Department engaged in apattern of excessive force the JusticeDepartment launched an investigationinto the police department in late 2015after a video surfaced capturing thedeadly shooting of laQuan McDonaldhighly contentious case that resulted inviolent riots in the city the use ofexcessive force of course is in directviolation of the Fourth Amendment theDOJ blames the violation on a failure toproperly trained officers andde-escalation practices as well as thedepartment's failure to properlyinvestigate use of force take a look wefound that CPD does not adequately treatas officers to use the appropriateamount of force for example we observedtraining on w force that used a videomade decades ago with guidance assistantwith both current law and internalpolicies we found at CPD officers do notfully report their use of force and thatsupervisors are not appropriatelyreviewing me to support we found thatChicago's accountability systems arebroken many complaints that should beinvestigated or not and wheninvestigations do occur mayor glaciallyslow and staffed by overworked and undertrained investigators who often fail toobtain basic witness statement andevidence officers are too rarely heldaccountable for misconduct and when theyare of discipline is unpredictable andineffective join me now president ofAmericans in support of law enforcementScott Erickson Scott thanks for beinghere for it's good to be here all rightScott this is a this is a pretty seriousallegation like I said in theintroduction I mean the JusticeDepartment has reasonable cause they sayto believe that the Chicago PD engagedin a pattern of excessive force not justan isolated incident a pattern hereexplain to us what this means well Ithink in this report the DOJ interviewedover a thousand individuals members ofthe community as well as activists alsodid about sixty ride-alongs through alldifferent shifts on the with the ChicagoPolice Department to try and get abetter sense of how the organizationworked culturally and they came to theseconclusions I mean these are this is ascathing report 161 page report whichwhich really you know calls in thequestion exactly you know the trainingand leadership within the Chicago PoliceDepartment know I've said this beforeand I'll say it again I think to theextent that this accurately representssort of the systemic problems within theChicago Police Department then wherethese problems exist they need to bedealt what can dealt with appropriatelyin a local local government won't takecare of it the DOJ has to step intothat's understandable but bring mylarger you for leaving or not you'vetalked to me before about the need forde-escalation training about really thedeficiency in training and some policedepartments overall I mean from theoutside...
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